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Plain Web Page Design can create a web site to present you to the internet. We beleive that it should be a simple straight forward site with just enough to grab your patrons attention not make them wait for flashy glitz and Macromedia files to download. They are looking for content not flash.

Look around Thermal, it is our center piece of the work we do. If you need what we offer contact us.

For three pages would be $75 which includes 26 updates a year. For each aditional page add $15.

Plain Web Page Design, quality and service for a reasonable price that we state right up front not after you have gone through ten pages of flash and dance.

We are memebers of W3C and HTML Writers Guild using the HTML Standard 4.0 which all pages are varified to which means you will have great looking pages that conform to standards of most of todays popular browsers.

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